Next Steps

Our Vision is seeing people experience LIFE change through Jesus Christ. You can join us on Sundays at one of our two campuses: Hermitage Hills or Rayon City, or check out our former talks here online.

This section will help you find out more about Hermitage Hills Baptist Church’s story, vision, beliefs and Senior Pastor Poly Rouse. Next Steps will help you discover how to move forward in spiritual journey with God at Hermitage Hills Baptist Church. Children and Student ministries give you a snapshot on the next generation’s impact here.

 We are so passionate about kids learning about Jesus in a way they can understand, that we created a worship environment just for them called Journeyland. This is an exciting environment created for ALL children (kindergarten through 4th grade) each Sunday. We invite 5th graders on up in our main auditorium for our weekly worship experience.

So take a seat, look around. Like Cheers, we’re glad you came…and we can’t wait to get to know your name!

  • Membership

    This is not a country club where members have rights. We believe every person is important and plays a significant part in owning our mission. Find out more here.

  • Serving

    The real secret to growing in faith is making the intentional choice to serve. Whether inside our walls or outside, God calls us to make a difference. Read more.

  • LIFEgroups

    We believe life is better together. Knowing a lot about God doesn’t make you grow spiritually. It happens when we apply what we learn. This happens best in community: Lifegroups.

Hermitage Hills Baptist Church